6 rue Paul Bert

Le soir, c’est menu tapas ou la simplicité de haut vol.

I am not sure that we’ve told you this already, but we have a particular soft spot for the 6 Paul Bert. At lunchtime, the room is bustling with bons vivants, the open kitchen deliciously welcomes you, the epicerie makes you want to buy everything, and the two-option menu allows you to enjoy everything. For our appetizers, we aren’t surprised by the perfectly pink lamb livers, creamed leeks and fried stems, both elegant and mischievous, the cod brandade, with crisp onions, charred fingerling potatoes and fresh lamb’s lettuce salad is radiant. For our main, we delight in pearly-white bass tickled by chorizo breadcrumbs and soothed by a butternut squash and carrot, served tender and whole. The turkey on the other hand is the perfect incarnation of Canadian cooking, salty and sweet, laid-back, assertive, and indulgent. Yes, because the chef is Canadian and sporadically sends you little whiffs of generosity from his kitchen…wash it all down with one of the charming sommelier’s sumptuous bottles, and you are more than Good.


In the evening, it’s a tapas menu; simplicity at its finest. A word of advice, go with a party of three, you will be able to taste everything and elbow your way to just one more bite.


De midi à 14h (sauf mardi) et de 19h30 à 23h. Fermé dimanche et lundi. - Closed sunday and monday. Open every day for lunch from 12:00 to 2 PM (except tuesday) and from 7:30 pm to 11pm.