Cinema Métro Art Bastille

Cinéma d'art et essai à Bastille
 cinema-metro-art-bastille-paris-east-village-2Cine Metro Art Bastille, offers a wide reaching programme of films each week, focussing in particular on independent movies by auteurs. Moviegoers can catch screenings of new productions as well classics that have made a significant mark on the history of contemporary cinema.

Informations & reservations :
Subway: Bastille. 3 theatres  250,135 and 90 places classified “art & essai”, equiped with Dolby SR amongst them one is in Dolby digital SRD(the big theatre).

Salle 1 (big theatre dolby SRD) : Tarif plein = 9.00 €,

Salle 2 & 3 : 7.80 €

Rates « thursday specials » : 3,50€ (after 9PM on thursday)

Rate Ciné-club : 3,50€