La botte Gardiane

la seule entreprise française spécialisée dans la fabrication des bottes de gardians camarguais

Established in 1958, La Botte Gardiane is specialized in handcrafted boots, shoes and sandals, all 100% made in France. Our workshop is located in Camargue, in the south east of France, between Nîmes and Montpellier. Carmargue is the land of the “gardians”, the French cowboys looking after bulls and cows, for whom our boots were originally designed. These specific boots require a high degree of sturdiness and comfort. This is why la Botte Gardiane has built its reputation on the quality of its products, preserving original craftsmanship and using high-quality leather. La-Botte-Gardiane-Atelier-Villetelle-paris-east-village

In 2007, thanks to its excellence made in France, La Botte Gardiane was certified “Living Heritage Company” by the French government. This label rewards outstanding companies for their specific heritage, their traditional and rare “savoir-faire”, and their passion for their work.

All the shoes are made with the best leathers mainly from France, like tannery Degermann, that also supplies Hermes, Ralph Lauren and other luxury brands. This particular leather, tanned with hot vegetable fat, is very supple and it resists to water. Also it’s tanned with vegetable dyes using oak, rosemary and chestnut.  All products are of a very high quality and are entirely French made.

For the French sandals, La Botte Gardiane uses the same leather as for the boots. For the sole and the insole, the leather is exclusively tanned with vegetable extracts from quebracho, mimosa and chestnut. This leather is chromium free which is healthier for the feet.

Paris 75011 FR
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