Square Gardette restaurant

Cuisine bistronomique dans l'est parisien

Here’s a little place I go have lunch at when am back in my old arrondissement in the 11th… next to the beautiful Square Gardette’s little parc lies the restaurant of the same name .
It’s super vintage decor makes it a place where even having coffee is a super original experience. The food is traditional French, from your steak frites to blanquettes (mmmm) and super yum pies for dessert. It’s not the lightest of lunches but that’s NOT the point when you go to eat at a vintage French brasserie like this.

It is bohemian neo Paris chic at it’s most glorious. Pop in (with an empty stomach) and your taste buds will thank you for it.

Lundi - Vendredi 08h00 - 01h00 Samedi 09h00 - 01h00 Dimanche 09h00 - 23h00