Interview: Bistrot Paul Bert’s Bertrand Auboyneau

Bertrand Auboyneau ©Gilles Pudlovski
Bertrand Auboyneau ©Gilles Pudlovski

Your favorite food destinations? 
Singapore & Tokyo

What are you travelling for?
The chance to meet new people

You’re dying to go to…
El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Catalonia, Spain (Recently named the Best Restaurant in the World)

You dream about a meal at…
(Laughing) Can I tell you about THREE food orgasms I cannot forget?

First, there was Olivier Roellinger’s before it closed. I swear to you, it was the best turbot fish I have ever, had, in, my, life. Sublime!
The second and third were at Pierre Gagnaire… We were completely full at the end of our meal when Pierre walks in an offers us this saffron cake – which of course I was not interested in after so much food. But, I tried it because it is Pierre offering! I tell you Wendy,  it brought emotions out of me that I can’t even describe.
The third was his langoustine served three-ways at once: raw, grilled and a reduction bisque.

Bertrand Auboyneau ©thepariskitchen

Your favorite childhood food memory.
When I would travel with my parents, we always would stop at this little restaurant by the seaside that had been there 50 years or more, you know the kind of place…with the red & white check tablecloths. Every time we opened the door, the smell of cooking hit us in the face… and it just felt like a restaurant – where people would come to be warmed and welcomed.

Your food or wine hero..
Michel Picquart – the founder of Astier and Le Villaret – the old devil was a real character, a mentor and a friend that I will never forget.

Take food photos in restaurants or just chill?
Sometimes, it depends!

The tastiest thing you’ve eaten recently…
For food…Harry Cummins’ perfectly cooked lotte (monkfish) in an Asian Black garlic, black sesame & shallots sauce at his first pop-up.

For wine, I’ve been in love with Gramenon for 15 years, but now I’m having a wine affair with Eric Pfifferling. In fact, if I could choose a wine I could take with me to the afterlife to share with God, any bottle by Eric would be perfect. Perhaps then God would tell me that paradise really is down here on earth and send me back.

Soufflé au Grand Marnier ©Gilles Pudlovski
Soufflé au Grand Marnier ©Gilles Pudlovski

The strangest thing you’ve seen on a menu or a wine list.
One Easter Sunday ten years ago, we were at a restaurant having oysters, lamb, and everything you would imagine would be wonderful for that holiday. Then for dessert, they presented Chateaudun sparkling water granité!

If you could open another restaurant tomorrow?
A French bistro in Singapore

Your guilty pleasure is…
Dessert – and a taxi home after a big/long meal!

What is in your refrigerator right now?
Lobster, green radish

How to connect with you?
Come to see me in person at one of the restaurants on the rue Paul Bert… We are working on a website soon!
BY WENDY LYN ©thepariskitchen