Artazart Bookstore

librairie spécialisée dans le design et le graphisme au bord du canal Saint Martin

This is a terrific specialized art bookstore that has a wide array of books on painting, photography, and a huge section on interior design and gardening/landscaping.

artazart-librairie-bookstore-canal-saint-martin-east-paris-village-2You can find books here that are difficult to find elsewhere and I think the selection is excellent. There are always interesting books. The last time I went, I was looking at the interior design and there were books on ecological interior design, use of colors and industrial decorating.

I love coming here during an afternoon at the Canal St. Martin (a hip and lesser known area). You can spend hours thumbing through these books. Lots of them are great coffee table books, with pictures and hard covers.

The prices are not cheap but they are not out of line for books in the area. I highly recommend stopping by if you are an art-lover or a lover of anything creative!

Lundi-vendredi: 10h30 - 19h30 - samedi 11h-19h30 - Dimanche: 13h-19h30